Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Reminiscing: Dee's Panties

Back when we were actively engaged in the hot wife lifestyle, there was a single moment when I was watching Dee have sex with others that stood out every time, no matter how often we got together with somebody. It was when either Dee or her lover took off her panties.

It almost seemed as if, while Dee and her lover were undressing or undressing each other, the guy wasn't fully aware of what was about to happen to him until Dee's bottom was fully bare. Only then did it appear that he was fully cognizant that his stiff cock was about to enjoy the pleasures the three of us had discussed in the mails leading up to the evening. Perhaps it was my own mental painting of the scene as I witnessed it unfolding, but her lovers always seemed to get super aroused when Dee's panties came down and off her legs. Watching her strip out of them before joining me on the bed always had that same effect on me.

It was our wedding anniversary when I took this picture 15 years ago. Dee laid back on the futon showing me that little bit of heaven that my cock was craving, covered by the same panties she was wearing while we were exchaning our vows on the day we married. In keeping what was a longstanding tradition, she put them on once a year for our anniversary.

The first time Dee made love with a guy while I watched he'd undressed her down to her skirt and panties. She went bare breasted to the bathroom and came back to the bed to find Don lying back with only his briefs on. She undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor and then hiked down her panties and stepped out of them before taking to the bed and lying full body on top of Don.

Here's Don with Dee the second time they made love at the motel. Her skimpy panties didn't stay on long before the two lovers they made their way to the bed. It was the first time I saw another man take Dee's panties off.

When Mark started writing to us during our first winter of sharing Dee, he'd asked if he could do only some light soft core playing with Dee who, according to the plan, was supposed to undress only down to her underwear. It wasn't long that they were on the bed together before he asked her if she would get fully nude for him. The soft core play turned into mutual oral sex between Mark and Dee. She invited him to put himself into her pussy, but he declined out of some sense of remaining "faithful" to his wife.

Dee's pictured here eagerly taking off her panties for Mark. Soon after she was coming to orgasm as Mark licked her clitoris and worked her vagina with a rather thick dildo.

No matter whether Dee was undressed first or last, I always held my breath a little when Dee's bottom was being uncovered.

Mike, pictured here, wasn't concentrating on getting his own clothes off and focused his whole attention at first on getting Dee totally naked.

By contrast, Michael (a different Mike) asked Dee to keep her panties on when she knelt down to suck his cock for a while before he drew her to her feet and peeled down her white panties that had "HOT BOTTOM" printed across the back.

After that Dee would often save her panties for last, entertaining a new lover for a while before taking them off.

Here she is sucking Mark's (another Mark) big knob wearing only her sheer, black panties which she took off only a minute before lying him back and easing her pussy down onto his excited shaft.

If you look in the lower left corner of the next photo you'll see the bare knee of Mike (our third Mike who is one of Dee's regular lovers) watching from the couch while I undress her for him.

Mike watched as I took off her shirt and bra and then her pants, saving her panties, of course, for last. I then led her by the hand to where he was waiting for her.

If I live to be 100 I'll never forget this sight of Ted's remarkably erect cock poking straight up as he reached to draw down Dee's panties. She'd just given his cock a thorough sucking and was red hot to feel him entering her slick hole.

Although Dee had sat on Bill's naked lap still clad in her panties so he could work over her big nipples with his hands and lips, he was more than ready to slide up into her and did so as I eased the crotchband to the side and nudged the tip of his cock toward her vestibule. A little thrust of his hips and a similar twist of Dee's and in he went!

Well, my writing isn't what it used to be because in the old days I'd have put a lot more words into a post than I did here, but it was good to take this bit of a stroll down the lane of memories that was "Sharing Dee."


Fred said...

HELLO, and welcome back. As I had shared in emails way back then I was so disappointed when you decided to quit blogging. But I fully accept and respect the reasons you offered about why "it was time" to quit for a while. I knew Dee was having some medical problems with joint inflamation, but now hearing that she has suffered the pains of breast cancer grieves me. But it sounds like she was diagnosed in time and has enjoyed a recovery. Sorry that your marriage is a shell but I'm also heartened that you stay together to enjoy what's good in your lives. Thanks to "Shared Cindy" for making me aware. I'll look forward to your further stories. Welcome back!

Get8More said...

You definitely have not lost your writing touch. I LOVE seeing the pictures and reading your wonderful reminiscences of Sharing Dee!

suessesonja said...

Hallo, bin grad durch Zufall auf dieser Seite gelandet und wollte mal liebe Grüsse da lassen.

Küsschen Mel

MikeCindynJoe said...

I am SO glad you're back. Still the best ever!

Our best to Dee.